Your glamping Stay at Gythion Bay camping

Whether you arrive with your own camping equipment or you rent a tent or a caravan from us we guarantee a pleasant and comfortable stay in a natural environment under the regional trees such as olive trees, orange trees, blackburry trees and eucalyptus.

Try a real glamping stay experience at our camping!

At the campsite there are 2 big groups and 2 small groups of toilets. Therefore, they serve all the visitors easily and quickly. Outside each group you will find rubish bins for recycling and for garbage, which are collected daily by the expert team of Gythion Bay.

Finally, the dogs are welcome, but their owners should care for the hygiene rules.

tents caravans for rent – glamping stay

capacity: up to 6 persons upon availability

two or three double bed mattresses

electricity and light bulb

mini fridge and electric fan

Outdoor: table and chairs

Cooking or fire inside the tent is not permitted.

Animals are not permitted inside the tent.

Igloo tents

Capacity: 4 persons

Double spaced


includes electricity and light bulb

2 double 5cm matresses

Outdoors: table and chairs

Animals are not permitted inside the tent.

Caravans for rent

3 caravans for 4 persons

1 caravan for 2 persons

mini fridge and electric fan

electricity and lights

Outdoors: table and chairs


The usage of bathroom is not possible. Cooking inside the caravan is not permitted.

Animals are not permitted inside the caravan.