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Caravans for rent

At the camping we have the possibility of renting a caravan.

We have 2-person and 4-person caravans in a fixed position near the beach. The 4-persons caravans have a double bed and a bunk bed or two double beds.

The 2-persons caravan has one double bed.

All the caravans have closet and electric and have table and chairs right outside.


Gythion Bay since 1980

The story of Gythion Bay begins from the year 1980 that Mr. Koutsogiannis Fontas rent this field from the owner Zafeiris Zafeirakos. He rent the field so as to turn it into the first camping place of the region. The camping was a very successful businness. Every summer hundreds of tourists were arriving, mostly backpackers and from countries such as Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland etc. Every evening the "greek kamakia"  were there at the bar waiting for the girls to appear. The bar was full. The barmen changed the 30lt beer barrels one after the other and the people outside the bar were fighting who will catch the beer first. Those years stayed in history for the great parties and the great love stories that led even to weddings.  

The contract about the field finished after 10 years, and the owner of the field wanted to take it back and manage the camping himself. The initial owner, Mr. Koutsogiannis wouldn't give it back so easily. Mr. Zafeirakos and Mr. Koutsogiannis were fighting at the courts for many years. Finally, Mr. Zafeirakos manages to gain it back on October of 1993. When he took over the camping, he realized that it needed full rennovation as everything was broken.


Despite the fact that he didn't have a lot of time until the next season, he decided to start the rennovation. Along with the precious help of his brother in law, Mr. Kostas Petroulakis he began to rennovate the buildings and the surrounding. Mr. Petroulakis was an architect and thus he gave his own taste to the new buildings. Dozen of workers were making great effort each day to accomlish the target that was the new season. In February of 1994, Mr. Petroulakis returning to Athens from Gythion with his car, slips on the road and hits the car on the road-side fence. From the accident he breaks both his legs and stays in the hospital for more than one month.  

Due to the pressure of time, he gives advice to the workers and to Mr. Zafeirakos from the phone. Even if Mr. Zafeirakos hated bureaucracy, he had to visit all the public agencies so as to issue the license of the camping. Luckily his wife Aggeliki helped him very much.

The new season came and many customers from the past years arrived and were disappointed not only because they didn't find common face in the camping but because the camping was not open yet. 

The fully rennovated camping opened finally on 14th of July and people were happy to be on their favorite campsite once again.


In 2010 a new rennovation project started by the daughter of Mr. Zafeiris Zafeirakos, Iliana along with the help of her father and her uncle Kostas Petroulakis.

The rennovation lasted 3 years totally. A lot of people were disappointed because of the noise that the big trucks made during the project. But finally everyone is happy and they can enjoy a beautiful and harmonic environment during their holidays.

Unfortunately, in the meantime Mr. Zafeirakos died on 23rd of February of 2013 because of cancer. He didn't have the time to enjoy the view of the swimming pool that he always had dreamt but never decided to build.


Biking Routes

1. Mavrovouni - Skamnaki - Mavrovouni

With starting point the camping Gythion Bay, climbing until the village Skamnaki and ending point camping Gythion Bay.

22.5 km, 01:53:16

Starting Point: Camping Gythion Bay

Ending Point: Camping Gythion Bay

Circular: Yes

Distance: 28.13 km

Accum. Climbing: 432 m

Maximum Altitude: 92 m

Mean Mov. Speed: 10km/h - Duration: 2h48m

2. Mavrovouni - Vathy - Mavrovouni

With starting point the camping Gythion Bay, heading to Vathy and ending point camping Gythion Bay.

28.1 km, 02:48:29

Distance: 28.13 km

Accum. Climbing: 432 m

Maximum Altitude: 92 m

Mean Mov. Speed: 10km/h - Duration: 2h48m

3. Mavrovouni - Karvelas - Mavrovouni

With starting point the camping Gythion Bay, heading to the mountain village Karvelas and ending point camping Gythion Bay.

26.5 km, 02:39:02

Distance: 26.58 km

Accum. Climbing: 580 m

Maximum Altitude: 277 m

Mean Mov. Speed: 10km/h - Duration: 2h39m

4. Caves of Diros - Cape Tainaron

33.2 km, 03:19:30

Starting Point: Caves of Diros

Ending Point: Cape of Tainaron

Circular: No

Distance: 33 km

Accum. Climbing: 545m

Maximum Altitude: 234 m

Mean Mov. Speed: 10km/h - Duration: 3h19m

5. Mistras - Gythion

57.3 km, 02:53:49

Starting Point: Mistras

Ending Point: camping Gythion Bay

Circular: No

Distance: 58.11 km

Accum. Climbing: 1256 m

Maximum Altitude: 927 m

Mean Mov. Speed: 10km/h - Duration: 5h47m

6. Gythion - Agios Kiprianos

47.1 km, 03:11:22

Starting Point: Camping Gythion Bay

Ending Point: Agios Kiprianos - The Mani

Circular: No

Distance: 47,93 km

Accum. Climbing:  998 m

Maximum Altitude: 237 m

Mean Mov. Speed: 15km/h - Duration: 3h11m


Hiking Routes in South Peloponnese : download it here

Map of Mani Peninsula with marked the hiking paths : download it here

Upon your arrival we can give you much more information and print maps according to your preferences on paths and places. Hereby we include some of the nicest paths in South Peloponnese:

1. The tour of Mavrovouni - an easy path around Mavrovouni and Gythion for those who would like to explore the nature around the camping and meet local houses and people.

7.9 km, 00:00:00

 2. Areopoli - Neo Oitylo - Oitylo: Only 20 km away from the camping there is a very interesting path, with wonderful view to the sea, old churches and well-reserved Monastries and horses. 

13.2 km, 02:40:47

3. Mystras - Taygeti: Mystras is not only a very nice archeological place with beautiful Byzantine churches, but also a very interesting place for hiking, since it offers a nice scenery and view along with rich nature and water from Mountain Taygetos.

5.5 km, 02:38:56

 4. Talada and watermills near Monemvasia: This path cannot reach until the end due to the big vegetation of the area across the river. Nevertheless, the path is very interesting as people can see a fully renovated old watermill and the ruins from other 8 watermills that were used in the past to produce flour with the energy that was provided from the water. The renovated watermill is open on Sundays and local people produce their own flour.

3.5 km, 02:18:22


5. Hiking around the castle of Monemvasia: Even if you can reach the castle by car, it is also very interesting to hike around the castle and enter into it from the back entrance. An easy and short hiking path that will make you relax from the view of the great ocean as you hike directly on the sea.

2.2 km, 00:50:21


Taygetos Mountain is among the most beautiful mountains in Peloponnese and it is worth visiting. There are many hiking routes that people can follow depending on their experience. Taygetos mountain is 40 minutes away from Gythion. 

Some of the most important hiking routes are the following:

1. E4 path from the shelter to Anavryti

11.5 km, 00:00:00

2. Pentadaktylos: Anavryti-Spanakaki-Sidirokastro-Portes-shelter

17.5 km, 23:59:57


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